HRM consists of managerial functions, recruiting and employing of employees, recruitment of new staff, resource allocation of work among employees and other people such as contractors, workers and family members. The job description of HRM does not only cover the day-to-day tasks related to business, but also touches upon legal aspects, documentation and recording procedures, recruitment and hiring, transfer of work to other departments or industries and termination of employee contract by employing them in the company. Human Resource Management also includes the complex areas such as legal matters and workers’ compensation.

HRM is an integral part of the overall business process and the main task of a Human Resources Manager is to monitor the effectiveness of the overall Human Resources Management System in relation to the standards set by management. Management is of two types, the first type includes the HR department of the business unit, while the second type includes the management of employees. A Human Resources Manager is responsible for the administrative duties associated with the human resources department of the business unit. He administers to the employment issues, recruitment and employee recruitment processes, including contract terminations, benefits and financial benefits. He also enforces the policies and procedures set by management.

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